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Last updated 18th September 2017

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Club Meeting for the 2017-2018 Season

Apologies for not providing first hand information on the most recent club nights - I have been on holiday! Next meeting is a presentation from Keith Creggain entitled "A retrospective".

We do receive a small amount of advertising on this website's mailing form. Most recently I received this from a Leicester based printing company that offers discount to members of photographic societies. This is what they said;

My name’s Patrick and I own and run ‘The Jet Room’ which specialises in large format inkjet printing for photographers and artists.
Some of you might know me from my time at Paper Spectrum who are a major supplier of papers and mountboards to UK based camera clubs.

I wanted to continue working with camera clubs and photographic groups in my new venture, so I decided to offer special lower rates to all members. Details on the website. []

Our focus is on high quality work and we only use premium grade papers and archival inks.

Please feel free to contact us with
any enquiry or request.
Thanks, Patrick.

On Monday 25th September our guest is Jan Fialkowski who has agreed to judge the Club's 1st Open competition. Both prints and PDIs to a maximum of two per member will have been submitted prior to the meeting, so, let battle commence!!

On Monday 18th September, you will have seen on the calendar that Dave Wilson, (local professional photographer and long time friend and supporter of the CPS) will be giving a talk with practical demos on Drone Photography. The advice is to be there at 7.0pm so that Dave can show the drone in action in the daylight. Should be good!!

Posting this after the meeting. Well, it was good! Dave arrived early as advertised and so did most of the club members to see this demo. Returning indoors, Dave showed many examples of the scope of a drone's capability including shots taken at sea, footage over familiar sights around Whitehaven and also this video taken from the Nortumbrian coast.