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Forthcoming Meetings and Events

Monday 18th December. The Christmas Social. Bring (or email in advance to John Fare) a couple of images of something that you would like to see on a Christmas Card. PLUS... if you want to eat, bring a contribution of snacks of some kind.

Past Meetings and Events

Just for a bit of fun, try clicking on this link Camera Sim but note; it will only work on a laptop. To see it on a mobile device go to

Monday 11th December. This week could have been a Table Top exercise ...but it wasn't! Instead we spent the evening viewing and voting on contributed images for the forthcoming PAGB competitions.

Monday 4th December. This week we held our annual Open Mono Competition, which was judged by Tom Senhouse. I wasn't there, but was quite pleased with the results !

Monday 27th November. Mark Williamson, who has addressed our group on more than one occasion returned to speak about the history of space exploration and illustrated his talk with a fine array of images.

Monday 20th November: A good fun evening taking portrait shots of two, very pleasant and co-operative young models. A big thanks to them. Also to those who took the trouble to bring lots of lighting equipment so that those of us who are not as well equipped could have a go - and get some guidance.

Monday 13th November. The 2nd Open Competition - judged by John Tillitson. An action packed evening with over 60 entries comprising prints and projected images.

Monday 6th NovemberFor this meeting we had a slideshow of some of the images taken my members whilst on various "Out of Hours" trips. These are trips held during the summer recess and whilst not classed as a club activity, club members receive notification of forthcoming venues and enjoy an informal photo shoot at a variety of locations. The second half of the slideshow, both of which were complied by Chris Wood, will be held later in the season. The second half of the evening was occupied by a brief showing of the embryonic 'virtual' Member's Yearbook by Adrian and Graham. This was followed by an instructional video on the use of Adobe Photoshop, one of a series produced by Tony Higginson.

Monday 30th October.Carmen Norman gave us a very enjoyable presentation. The first half of the meeting was devoted to a slideshow of her work as a professional shooting portraits. The last half was completely practical, demonstrating various techniques for shooting portraits - using several of our members as models! This was followed by an explanation of Lightroom techniques used to post process those images.

Monday 23rd October. We held - for the first time - a combined programme judging entries in both the Hendren Trophy and the Bowness Trophy. Pax Garabedian had the onerous task of selecting prize winners and succeeded in both informing and entertaining us in the process. The images that were selected for awards will be posted on this site very shortly.

Apologies for not providing first hand information on the most recent club nights - I have been on holiday! Next meeting is a presentation from Keith Creggain entitled "A retrospective".

Monday 25th September our guest was Jan Fialkowski who judged the Club's 1st Open competition. Both prints and PDIs. The results are now ready to view on this site.

Monday 18th September, Dave Wilson, (local professional photographer and long time friend and supporter of the CPS) gave a talk with practical demos on Drone Photography.

Well, it was good! Great entertainment and useful information. Dave arrived early as advertised and so did most of the club members to see this demo. Returning indoors, Dave showed many examples of the scope of a drone's capability including shots taken at sea, footage over familiar sights around Whitehaven and also this video taken from the Nortumbrian coast.