Image Editing

A. An Introduction to Lightroom

Now to try out lightroom. If you can stand the pace, this is a brilliant overview of the most popular functions.

B. Lightroom CC or Lightroom Classic CC

Many of us are Lightroom users and Adobe have just brought out their latest version and called it Lightroom CC ...hmmm ...isn't that what we already had? Yes it is, but what we had has now been rebranded Lightroom 'Classic' CC. Tim Grey of Grey Learning explains the confusion in his latest production:

C. Photoshop - Processing a Vertical Panorama

There are literally hundreds of videos available to assist and teach the use of Adobe editing products and I shall just keep putting up examples. Adrian spotted these which feature Tony Higginson. In the first one he is shooting and then post processing a landscape of Loch Assynt using Photoshop. 18 minutes long, but full of good information ...and I do like the finished product!

D. An Introduction to RAW Processing in Photoshop

In this video Tony Higginson explains how to process RAW files of landscapes in Photoshop.